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The Build Out Line

The build out line is a physical line painted across the field from sideline to sideline for U9 and U10 ages (Division 5). The purpose of the build out line is to promote player development by creating a pressure-free zone at the start of goal kicks and when goal keepers have possession of the ball.

Once a goal kick has been called by the referee or once the goal keeper takes possession of the ball, the defending team (the team without the ball) should immediately run behind the build out line.

No player of the defending team may cross the build out line until the ball has been put back into play by either the kick of the goal kick leaving the penaly box or the ball leaving the goal-keeper's hands.

When the goal keeper is in possession of the ball, the goal keeper may put the ball into play at anytime and they do not have to wait until all defenders are behind the build out line.

The Buildout Line Explained