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MUSC Fields

Morris United Soccer Club utilizes School District, Township, and County fields to provide venues for players to play soccer. These fields are often multi use complexes with multiple sports scheduled at the same time and are frequently adjacent to neighborhoods. Please watch for children, obey ALL parking signs and park only in designated areas. Cars will be ticketed by Police for parking in fire lanes or parking in non-designated areas. Please respect our neighbors when parking in surrounding neighborhoods by not blocking driveways, watching for children at play and respecting private property. Please always discard trash in provided receptacles. Turf fields have specific rules to ensure they are not damaged and remain available for future use. Please respect and follow these rules.

Fields cannot be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder requires play to be suspended. Fields must remain clear for 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or lighting is observed.

Morris School District, Morris County, Morristown, Morris Township and Morris Plains rules and ordinances must be observed at all times when using these facilities.

Rules for Turf Field Use

Some fields utilized by Morris United Soccer Club are turf (vs. natural grass) and have specific rules to ensure the fields are not damaged. Below are general rules which should be followed when using a turf field. Additional rules may exist for certain facilities. Please make sure to look for posted rules at the venue and review rules for specific sites. Coaches are responsible for ensuring spectators and players adhere to posted rules for each venue.

Turf Fields used by MUSC:

 General Rules/Guidelines for Turf Fields

  1. Glass containers and Food are not permitted.
  2. No gum chewing
  3. Use of tobacco products is prohibited
  4. Do not drag goals across the turf. Use provided wheels to move goals.
  5. Pets (except for Service Animals) are Not permitted
  6. Metal spikes, screw in cleats, and high-heeled shoes are not permitted on the turf. Molded soccer cleats, turf shoes and sneakers are permitted.
  7. Fields are to be left in a clean state. Appropriate litter receptacles are available and must be used at all times. Teams MUST clean-up after themselves!
  8. If you find a problem, defect or the turf is in an unclean condition, please notify John Tait 
  9. Never puncture the Turf surface. Only free standing field markers and equipment are permitted. Free standing corner flags may be obtained from the Travel and Recreation sheds at Frelinghuysen Middle School

Field Locations & Directions
  • Alfred Vail Elementary School (Grass) (AV) 125 Speedwell Avenue Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Butterworth Field (Grass) (BWF) 35 Lynnfield Drive Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Central Park Turf Complex 100 Central Avenue Morris Plains, NJ 07950
    Central Park Police: 973-326-7616 Website

  • Cornine Field (Turf) 1 Inamere Road Morristown, NJ 07960

  • Frelinghusyen Middle School 1 Jane Way Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Green Field (Grass) (GF) 82 Chimney Ridge Drive Morristown, NJ 07960

  • Indoor Sports Pavilion 16 West Hanover Ave Randolph, NJ 07869

  • Jean Street Field (Grass) 9 Jean Street Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Lake Road Field (Grass) 65 Lake Valley Road Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Morristown High School 50 Early Street Morristown, NJ 07960

  • Simon's Memorial Park 38 Mountain Way, Morris Plains, NJ Morris Plains, NJ 07950

  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (Grass) (TJ) 101 James Street Morris Township, NJ 07960

  • Watnong Park (Grass) (WP) 23 Grannis Avenue Morris Plains, NJ 07950