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Player Equipment

  • All Players should wear their uniforms (shirts, shorts, socks) on game days
  • All players should bring their own soccer ball to practices
    • U5, 6, 7, 8 : Size 3 soccer ball
    • U9, 10, 11, 12 : Size 4 soccer ball
    • U13+ : Size 5 soccer ball
  • Travel players should wear their training jersey, black shorts and black socks to training
  • Recreation players should wear appropriate gear for the weather to training
  • Sunscreen should be warn at all times to protect against sunburn.
  • Long sleeve shirts may be worn under uniforms/training jerseys on cold game days subject to referee approval
  • Players should wear appropriate outerwear to practices including rain jackets and long sleeve shirts/jackets.
  • Players requiring corrective glasses must wear "rec specs" to practices and games. Since 2006, NJ Law has mandated that any child who wears corrective eyeglasses must wear sports glasses when playing soccer and certain other sports. http://eyecare.org/site/new-jersey-law-on-protective-eyewear-for-athletes/
  • Players should play in sneakers, turf shoes or soccer cleats. Lacrosse, Football, and baseball cleats are NOT permitted.
  • Players must wear shin-guards to practices and games
  • Players should have their own water bottle and bring plenty of water to games and practices
  • Jewelry cannot be worn during practices or games. Medical ID bracelets are permitted, if they are taped to the body and do not pose a danger to players
  • Players may not wear casts during MCYSA games. Casts may be worn to practices at the discretion of coaches and Trainers and with a Doctor's clearance