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Cornine Field

Morris Township Cornine Turf Field Complex

Parking Address:  1 Inamere Road, Morris Township, NJ 07960

Please park in the Streeter pool parking lot and walk across Inamere Road to the field. 


Cornine Field

Link to Soccer Field Sizes: Cornine Soccer Field Sizes and Layout

Township of Morris
Turf Rules and Regulations

  1. If a user finds a defect or the field is in an unclean condition, they must notify the Parks & Recreation Department immediately at 973-326-7371. E-mail photos when possible to BFoelsch@Morristwp.com
  2. NO chairs are allowed on the artificial turf field.
  3. Golfing and/ or other non- authorized uses (shot put, javelin, disk throwing, and rockets) are prohibited within the complex.
  4. NO picking, pulling or scooping of the grass fibers or infill material on the turf field.
  5. NO ANIMALS (dogs or pets of any kind) are allowed on the turf field.
  6. Permit holders are responsible for notifying their guests of our rules.
  7. NO motorized vehicles including E- Bikes or E- Scooters unless needed for ADA compliance.
  8. NO food is permitted on the turf including but not limited to: gum, sunflower seeds, grapes, oranges, and nuts.
  9. No spitting.
  10. Only water in non- breakable containers is permitted on the artificial turf field. Sports drinks shall be kept off the field.
  11. NO disposing of ice chest or water coolers onto the artificial turf field.
  12. Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept at player areas or outside the fenced areas.
  13. Smoking and the use of Tobacco products is prohibited by state law in all Morris Township parks, including this facility.
  14. The goals and nets provided are not to be dragged. Dragging goals damages the turf surface.
  15. Footwear on artificial turf fields must be molded rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes.
  16. The field cannot be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder warrants leaving the field and seeking safe cover. The field should be clear for 30 minutes after last bolt of lightning or clap of thunder.
  • Cornine Field (Turf) 1 Inamere Road Morristown, NJ 07960