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Morris County Parks - Central Park Fields

Morris County Parks - Central Park Turf Fields

Address: 100 Central Avenue, Morris Plains, NJ 07950



Central Park of Morris County Artificial Turf Field Rules

To protect the field surface, maximize the life of each field, and avoid conflict between user groups, the Morris County Park Commission asks that every renter, team official, player, spectator, and parent be aware of the following rules & regulations for use of the artificial turf field


  1. The turf is available to rent for approved uses only (i.e.: soccer, lacrosse, football, rugby, kickball and cricket).
  2. All Field use requires a reservation/permit or Access Card/s.
  3. Artificial Turf users must not enter the field prior to their permitted time and should leave the field 5 minutes before their end time to allow transition between groups.
  4. If a user finds a defect or the field in an unclean condition, they must notify the Recreation Department @ 973-326-7616 and email photos when possible to recreation@morrisparks.net
  5. Renters are responsible for the conduct and behavior of their coaches, players, referees and spectators on the field during their
  6. The field is to be left the way it was found. This means, removal or replacing of equipment that your group brought or moved onto the turf. Each team is responsible for removing anything that was carried on to the field.
  7. Morris County Park Commission approved chairs only. The legs may puncture the turf.
  8. Golfing and/or other non-authorized uses (i.e. model airplanes /rockets/ shot put/javelin/disk throwing) are
  9. No animals (dogs or pets of any kind) are allowed.
  10. No spitting.
  11. Smoking and chewing tobacco are prohibited.
  12. No picking or pulling of the grass fibers or infill material on the field.
  13. Grills or other open cooking structures are prohibited.
  14. Renters are responsible for notifying their guests of our rules.
  15. No Motorized vehicles or bikes unless ADA Compliant
  16. No banner is to be hung on or around the fields without Recreation Department approval.

Food and Beverage:

  1. Only water in non-breakable containers is
  2. No glass containers or aluminum
  3. No food is permitted on the turf. Including but not limited to: gum, sunflower seeds, grapes, oranges, and nuts.

Turf Care:

  1. Only freestanding field markers and sports equipment may be used on the turf surfaces. NO stakes, post, poles, or markers of any kind may be driven into the
  2. Marking, painting or taping is strictly
  3. Substances that may stain the turf, such as ointments or sunscreen must be kept at player areas or outside the fenced
  4. Tents are not permitted on the fields without Recreation Department approval.
  5. The goals and nets provided are not to be dragged. Wheels have been provided for the Large Soccer Goals, the lacrosse goals must be carried (unless wheels become available).
  6. Footwear on artificial turf fields must be molded rubber cleats, turf shoes or running shoes. Metal cleats and screw-in plastic cleats are not Footwear that has long blades, studs, or heels can puncture the turf which can cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Inclement Weather:

The Morris County Park Commission will open the artificial turf fields in the beginning of the rental season and close them at the end of the rental season. Once the fields are available they will not be formally closed due to weather. Renters and Access Card holders should follow standard safety procedures for Severe Weather, Thunder and Lightning.

Rain Dates and/or Refunds will not be provided.
  1. The field should not be used in weather conditions involving the threat of lightning. The presence of even distant thunder warrants leaving the field and surrounding The field should be clear for at least 30 minutes after last bolt of lightning or clap of thunder.
  2. Only Authorized Personnel can clear the turf of

The Artificial Turf Field Rules & Regulations are in effect at all times and apply to everyone using the field. Permit holders will be liable, fees may be assessed and field privileges will be suspended and/or revoked if the rules are not followed.

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