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For the Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 season, MUSC will enter into a new two year uniform ordering cycle.  All players will be required to order new uniforms beginning with the Fall 2019 season.  These uniforms will be good through the Spring 2021 season.   

The cost for the 2019-20 uniform package is $112.50 and includes:1 x Maroon Game Day Jersey
1 x White Game Day Jersey
1 x White Game Day Shorts
2 x White Game Day Socks
1 x Black Training Jersey
1 x Black Training Shorts

Ordering Instructions:

FALL 2019 Ordering deadline is 7/1/19. All orders placed before this deadline will begin shipping on August 1st. Orders placed after the deadline may be subject to delivery after the commencement of the Fall season.

1. Visit Morris United @ https://soccerzoneusa.com/clubs/morrisunited/customer/account/login/

2. This will prompt you to create a new account or log in if you have an existing account.

3. Select your team from the first dropdown.

4. Please select the appropriate player name from the second dropdown menu.  The Player # will appear after you select the "Add Player" button.   Player numbers are assigned by the club, and CANNOT be changed.

5. If you are shopping for more than one player within the same club, follow steps #3 and #4 to add additional players.

6. After adding your player(s), you will see the player information. You can select the "SHOP NOW" button.  If you have multiple players, each player will have their own individual "SHOP NOW" button.

7. After adding all items that you wish to order, the products will be listed underneath each player's name. If you would like to order additional retail products from other areas of the Soccer Zone site, then please feel free to do so. These will be added to your cart. Please do not switch clubs as this will empty your cart.

8. Click the cart in the top right-hand corner to initiate the checkout process and complete your order.

Questions on uniforms and orders should be directed to SoccerZone USA.  Jessica is the MUSC exclusive inside rep for any questions that may arise.  If you have any questions, please e-mail SoccerZone USA at contact@soccerzoneusa.com or call at 973-616-4449 ext 1.