Trying out for a Morris United Travel Soccer Team

All players (current and new) who are interested in playing with a Morris United Premier or Morris United STA travel team are required to attend tryouts held each spring for programs beginning in the fall. Players interested in playing either Premier or STA soccer must register online and attend tryouts. Players are permitted to try out for both programs, but must commit to one of the programs for the entire year if offered a position. Tryouts for the STA program will be held before tryouts for the Premier program. Players interested in playing for either program MUST register and attend tryouts for each program.

Multiple teams may be formed at each age level within the STA and Premier programs. Teams are designated as "A" and "B" development levels and are formed to place players with comparable skills together. Placement of players on a team is based upon the evaluation of professional trainers at tryouts and trainer evaluations for current players on a Morris United travel team. Players are not guaranteed that they will play on the same team each year or that they will be offered a place to play.

Premier and STA teams are formed consecutively, with offers for STA teams being sent first, followed by offers for Premier teams. Offers for "A" teams will be sent prior to offers for "B" teams within each age group. All players who tryout will either be offered a position to play on a team or will be notified that an opportunity is not available. Players who are not offered a position to play are encouraged to register for the Morris United recreational soccer program. Players must register for the recreation program separately from the travel program if not offered a place to play on a travel team.

All communications regarding offers to play on a team will be made via email. It is very important that you provide your correct contact details at the time of registration.

To see upcoming tryout dates and to register for a Morris United tryout session please click this link

For questions about trying out for Morris United Travel Soccer please contact.

Morris United Premier U08-U11 Age Groups: Jason Rees
Morris United Premier U12+ Age Groups: Sean Gaynor
Morris United STA: Shane Bullock

Para preguntas en espanol, por favor pongase en contacto con Edwin Baracaldo