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Travel Premier Program Philosophy

The MUSC Premier program is the “town” travel arm of the Morris United Soccer Club.  However, unlike most town travel programs, all Morris United teams are coached and trained by a licensed professional.  Premier teams primarily play in Morris and adjacent counties and the commitment level is flexible enough to accommodate players who also participate in other sports and activities.  MUSC only requires that players give an equal committment to soccer that they do to another sport. 

All players wishing to play for a Premier team are required to attend tryouts held each spring (and fall for younger and older teams).   Players are evaluated by professional trainers and are extended offers to play based upon performance at tryouts and conduct during the season for existing players.

The Premier program is focused on having players of comparable skills playing with and against players of comparable skills to ensure an environment focused on player development. 

Player Development Philosophy

“There is no magic formula or short cut to successful development. Coaching at youth levels is all about working with players to improve performance, not about recruiting players to build teams to win championships. Soccer is a player’s game and players should be considered first when political, administrative and coaching decisions are made.” -- Bobby Howe, US Soccer, Former director of coaching, professional and National Team coach

“The problem in the U.S.A. is they start travel soccer at too early an age. That’s totally detrimental. It becomes more about winning and about collecting hardware than about having the kids play and learning from playing.” -- Alfonso Mondelo, Major League Soccer, director of player development

The Morris United Soccer Club is focused on a philosophy of player "development over winning" to ensure each player meets her/his maximum soccer potential.  Our goal as a club is to improve the quality of play at every level and develop well rounded, technically competent players who learn to play and enjoy the game as a lifetime sport.   Winning is the end result of good training, teamwork and intensity.  A misdirected focus on winning, results in players not focusing on the fundamentals of the game at an early age and exploits the raw physical abilities of a few players and leaves late developers behind.  This may result in more wins at younger ages, but leaves players lacking the fundamental skills necessary to play at higher levels of competition as they age. 

As part of the Morris United Soccer club philosophy on development, we focus on player development over team development.  Soccer is a team sport, and team chemistry is a huge factor in winning at the highest levels.  However, every player at the highest levels is there because they have the requisite technical skills.  The focus of our energies in the Premier program is to ensure players are learning the requisite individual technical skills to develop as a complete player.   The impulse to win encourages early specialization and locking players into roles on a team that hinder their development as a complete and rounded player.  This does not mean we don't encourage and expect players to act as part of a team.  We understand and help players learn cooperation and trust of their teammates as important aspects of the team experience.  But the concept of "sacrifice for the team" is not appropriate for the youth athlete who should expect his/her coaches and club to focus on their individual development needs to ensure he/she becomes a well rounded player at the youth level.  

To meet this goal the MUSC Premier program will:

  • Never isolate players into individual roles or positions at the youth level, but encourage players to become well rounded artisans of the game by playing multiple positions and experiencing all apsects of the game of soccer in their early development years.  Specialization in particular positions will develop over time as players advance from developmental, to small sided and finally to full sided play.
  • Ensure players play at least 50% of the time during a given season.  Players will never sit an entire game or play only meangingless minutes because a team must win games.  Players come to play, and they will be given the opportunity to reach their potential by playing the game they love.
  • Never discourage players from advancing to a more competitive team because they are needed on the current team to win games.  Each player needs to be able to rise as far as their ability takes them, even if they leave the team or club.  It may hurt when a player leaves for a higher level of play, but that also opens up an opportunity for other players to step in and fill the void.

Expectations from Players

The MUSC Premier program is committed to helping every player fullfill her/his full soccer potential, but this requires a commitment on behalf of each player as well.  Players are expected to follow the Morris United Soccer Club Players' code of Conduct at all times.   Players who are unable or unwilling to meet this commitment may see more limited playing time, or be required to leave the program in extreme situations.   


Any questions about the MUSC Premier Program should be directed to musctravelinfo@gmail.com