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Player's Code of Conduct

This Player's Code of Conduct has been developed to clarify and define the standards of behavior from youth players affiliated with the Morris United Soccer Club.

  1. I will emphasize that the game is played for fun.
  2. I will play soccer because it is fun and not because others want me to play.
  3. I will practice good sportsmanship and will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, officials and parents at all times.
  4. I will remember that winning isn't everything and that having fun, playing fair, improving my skills, and giving my best efforts are the most important aspects of youth soccer.
  5. I will play the best I can every day and I understand all players have weaknesses, the same as I do.
  6. I will treat my coaches, teammates, other players and coaches, and fans with respect at all times; regardless of race, gender, creed, or abilities, and I will expect to be treated accordingly.
  7. I will not engage in any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct such as refusing to shake hands, using profane language or gestures, or defaming or bullying a teammate, opposing player, coach, official, parent, spectator or anyone participating in a youth sporting event.
  8. I will resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  9. I will never play with the intent to injure an opposing player.
  10. I will show respect for the referee, even if I disagree with her or his calls.
  11. I will be respectful when I win and gracious when I lose.
  12. I will follow coaching direction and will not be disruptive during practices or games.
  13. I will ask questions when I don't understand directions, but will do so in a respectful manner which does not disrupt practices or games.
  14. I will concentrate on playing soccer by always giving my best effort, both in practices and in games.
  15. I will be on time for practices and games and will notify my coach if I cannot attend. I will make every effort to attend all games and practices.
  16. If I play multiple sports, I will be as committed to soccer as to other sports I play.
  17. I will learn the Laws of the Game and will always play within the spirit and intention of the rules and the Laws of the Game.
  18. I will let my coach know if I am ill or injured and will not hide or disguise an injury to keep playing.
  19. I understand that I am an ambassador of the Morris United Soccer Club and will always endeavor to behave in a manner which reflects the club in a positive manner.

I understand that if I fail to abide by this Player's Code of Conduct, I may be subject to disciplinary action that could include:

  • Being limited in playing time by my coaches

  • Being cautioned or ejected from games by game officials

  • Being suspended from practices or games

  • Being removed as a player with the Morris United Soccer Club

As of May 2016