MCYSA Pre, Post and Game Day Procedures

The following MUSC procedures are required to be followed for ALL MCYSA League games.

Pre-Game Procedures

  1. Fielding Lining: The first team playing on a field is responsible for ensuring the field is lined. Please inspect the field at least two days before game day and ensure it is lined at least one day before your game. Please contact John Tait for any questions about lining fields.

  2. Corner Flags: Each team is responsible for providing their own corner flags on grass fields. The first team on a turf field is responsible for picking up corner flags from the travel shed

  3. Notifying Opponents: Home teams should email opponents to confirm: (1) game time and location (sat nav address), (2) uniform colors, and (3) exchange phone numbers and other relevant logistics

  4. Laws of the Game: Understand the MCYSA Modifications to the Laws of the Game for your age group.

  5. Have Copies of the following Documents Available for Inspection on Game Day:

  • Two Copies of Game Day Roster (Game Card). Instructions for creating and printing a game day roster can be found <here>. The game day roster replaces the excel game cards previously used. Do not bring the excel game card as it will not be accepted.
  • One Copy of NJYS Official "State" Roster. This may be obtained from the club registrars (Boys - Jason Rees, Girls - Adam Harter)
  • Coachs' Cards (laminated) These may be obtained from the club registrars (Boys - Jason Rees, Girls - Adam Harter)
  • Players' Cards (laminated) These may be obtained from the club registrars (Boys - Jason Rees, Girls - Adam Harter)
  • Medical release form for each player. Instructions for printing the medical release forms from Bonzi can be found <here>

Game Day Procedures

  1. Game Day Roster: Provide the referee crew two copies of the team's game day roster <- New for 2017 (see above)

  2. Ref Fees: Provide the referee crew their referee fee
  3. Player / Coach game cards: Provide players and coachs their game cards for inspection and submission to the referee

  4. Game Ball: Ensure the home team has a game ball appropriate for their division Game ball sizes appear on the Game Day Roster

  5. Uniform Conflicts: Conflicts with uniform color on game day need to be resolved by the home team who will need to change into their alternate kit - unless otherwise agreed by the coaches.

  6. Have a spare whistle, medical kit, ice pack, athletic tape, spare shoe laces, hair ties, sun screen, water, trash bags etc. to support players

  7. Goals: Ensure goals are staked on grass fields or sand bags are used on turf field to secure goals. Ensure no holes or gaps appear in goal netting by using twince, zip cords or tape to secure. The first team playing at Central Park will need to move small sided goals into position. The goals may be found along the perimter fence.

  8. Field: Inspect the field and remove any items or debris which might cause player injury or pose a hazzard. Please contact John Tait for any issues with fields.

  9. Have a mobile phone for emergencies

Post Game Procedures

  1. Trash: Remove any trash left behind by your team or the opposing team. Make note on game reports of opposing teams who do not clean-up after themselves

  2. Corner Flags: The last team on turf fields must return corner flags to the travel shed.

  3. Goals: The last small sided game on turf fields at Central Park must return and lock goals to the perimeter fence.

  4. Report Scores: Report game scores on the MCYSA game reporting website:Score Reporting To enter game scores, please use your Coach Email Address and the 2017-18 Score Entry Password to log in: 454051

  5. Game Report: Complete a Coach Game Report and Referee Evaluation within 48 hours of game completion <link>

  6. Score Dispute: Use the game score dispute form to correct misreported scores that impact standings.

Printing Medical Release Forms
Game Day Roster Creation & Printing
Coach's Presentation Sept 05, 2017